Caitlin Meyers

Founder & Designer of Caitlin Elizabeth

A love of textiles has been in my family for several generations. It began with my great-grandmother teaching my mother, who later taught me, the basics of constructing a garment. It was my inherit love of textiles that led me to pursue a career in the apparel industry after college, but my love for accessories would ultimately lead me down a path I didn’t plan.

I received a fabric flower sample on a trip to New York, and was so intrigued by the shape of the flower, the petals and most of all the fabric it was made from. I looked to the accessory industry and saw jewels and metals but no fabrics, and it was then that my designs came to life. Caitlin Elizabeth earrings always start with a textile first mindset which allows me to design truly unique statement pieces unlike anything else in the jewelry market.

Ultimately, the Caitlin Elizabeth Collection seeks to blend the art and fashion worlds together by creating jewelry that is sculptural in design and used to celebrate a woman’s most momentous occasions.

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